About us

Our believes…

We believe that an optimal Care System Design is necessary to provide optimal care delivery ;

We believe that the digital transformations in healthcare will have a huge impact on care delivery ;

We believe that the digital transformation is in full progress ;

We believe that data and data science techniques provide a massive potential to improve patient flow management ;

We believe that any healthcare organisation is capable of being transformed into a state-of-the-art care provider ;

We believe that helping healthcare organisations in improving patient flow and patient flow management is done by spreading knowledge and making high-end technology available to any organisation ;

We believe in the Patient Flow Manager, as a Digital Twin, a digital flow assistant, a full flagged data science platform for patient flow management ;

Who are we…

We have built the Patient Flow Manager for Healthcare organisations and the organisations supporting them, to support our believes ;

We care about care delivery, about providing the right care, at the right moment, by the right person ;

We have an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise, and we partner with organisations sharing our believes. (1+1 = 3) ;

Patientflowmanager.ai is a central hub for all partners and healthcare organisations who use the Patient Flow Manager, or who want to improve their knowledge on patient flow management.