Vision & Concept

The real True North

If you would define the key purpose of a healthcare organisation. Would it then differ much from this:

The right care, at the right moment, by the right person, in a -for the care supplier- best possible way, with a minimum of waste.

We don’t think so. At least we hope. We have thought a lot about it, and learned a lot about it. We experienced the difficulties of healthcare organisations to achieve this True North, and the frustrations it leaves behind when care givers could not live up to it. Due to miscommunication, misalignment of purpose, process, and capacity. Due to so many elements that are important to really realize the True North.

We learned that optimal Patient Flow is a very important element in achieving the True North. So we considered how we could best help healthcare organisations…

…and so we built the Patient Flow Manager™… to help healthcare organisations achieve their True North.