What is the Patient Flow Manager™ ?

  1. A powerful software application to help healthcare organisations to improve their Patient Flow Management ;
  2. A lot of data science technology, combined with logistical concepts, focused on optimal Patient Flows ;
  3. It is data mining, process mining, simulations, optimizations,… made easy accessible for the user ;
  4. It is device agnostic, so you can use it on a pc, laptop, tablet,… ;
  5. Built by and for healthcare organisations ;
  6. Built on APIs that can integrate with all health systems, BI-systems, and EMRs (Electronic Medical Records)
  7. The Swiss knive for patient flow management, indispensable for each Patient Flow Manager, Capacity Manager, or anyone responsible for the optimal organisation of the healthcare system.

Please check the section where the functionalities of the tool are described to learn about all the possibilities of the Patient Flow Manager™ –> https://patientflowmanager.ai/functions-within-the-tool/